Matt’s Ministry is a One Hundred percent (100%) volunteer organization.

We have a variety of volunteer positions that need to be filled.  If you have a few hours a month or each week that you can spare and you are interested in our mission please consider coming to work with us.
Volunteers under 16 years who do not accompany a parent volunteer, are required to have a parental permission on file to work.

The following are the days and times that Matt’s typically need volunteers:


Every Other Thursday Morning from 9:30 AM to Noon

The Manna trucks come from Asheville, NC every other Thursday morning.  Volunteers help unload the truck(s) and organize the food on the shelves. The volunteers also organize the meat, dairy and the canned goods that arrive on the truck.

Open Flex Time on Thursdays each week for boxed food delivery

Some of Matts’ volunteers make home deliveries to families  who do not have transportation or who are in poor health. These volunteers come into the food bank and make up the boxes of food from the supplies on hand, and then make the deliveries on their own time schedule.

Volunteers who deliver food typically deliver between 3pm – 5pm, and routes are developed that are as geographically convenient as possible.

Friday Delivery of weekend food bags for kids from 4:00 PM to 6:00PM

During the school year, Matt’s volunteers deliver and prepare bags with food for afterschool Programs in Clay County.  The bags are distributed at Hayesville schools.  Bags contain easy to prepare protein filled food, that kids can prepare and eat on the weekend. During the summer months, the drop off points change to accommodate the children who are no longer in school.

Saturday Morning Food Pantry Workers from 9:30 to Noon

Every Saturday morning, all year long, Matt’s provides food to between 100-125 families.  In Matts food bank model, clients shop the pantry and choose the food that they need from what we have on the shelves.  The volunteer jobs available on Saturday include: working one of the food selection points, helping clients carry packages to their cars, helping to keep the food selection points filled, traffic control in the parking lot, and filling Friday bags for the next week’s delivery.

We also have a one hour slot – 11:30AM -12:30PM – that requires a volunteer with a truck or van to run the broken down boxes to the County dump.

See our Volunteer Information Sheet and Waiver and Release Form below if you are interested in working with Matt’s.  Complete the form, and mail or bring it to our Saturday Morning food distribution, located at 123 W J Cabe Rd. Our mailing address is: Matt’s Ministry, PO Box 205, Hayesville, NC 28904.

Please click this link to download our Volunteer Form

Release and Waiver


To Volunteer, please visit our contact page by clicking HERE!